Collect – Reuse – Create

COLLECT | REUSE | CREATE is a one week-long sequence of public events and program, organized by OnMaterials in collaboration with Kassandras that will take place at Kassandras’ studio from April 15 – April 21, 2019.


COLLECT# How to build a network? | Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th, from 3 to 7 pm @Kassandras

REUSE# How to build a showroom? | From Wed 17th until Fri 19th, from 11am to 6pm @Kassandras

CREATE# Re-Creation & Re-surrection. What comes tomorrow? | Sunday, April 21st, from 4pm to 10pm @Kassandras



4 pm | Introducing OnMaterials and welcome lunch
6 pm | Ludic Auction & distribution
7 pm | Sound Performance by Dimitra Kousteridou, Magda Lampropoulou and George Moraitis
8 pm – 10 pm | Early DJ set by Andreas Palmer

Imagined since the beginning as a collaborative platform willing to actively engage artists, designers, craftsmen, art institutions, exhibition spaces and schools to focuse on material’s life cycle, we decided to formulate a series of public events to start working together – theoretically and practically – towards sustainable cultural practices and the actual creation of the OnMaterials’ Network.


COLLECT# How to build a network?
OnMaterials opens up its reflections and shares its development process with a multitude of contributors. For two days we will invite local cultural actors, friends and potential members of the network to collectively answer to our core questions “How to build a network”? Two days of assemblies and open collective round tables around the main issues of OnMaterials: What is a network? How OnMaterials should work and what it should provide? What would you expect to get from the platform? What sharing good practices mean?

COLLECT# has been thought as an open moment for collecting ideas, impressions, methods and gathering people; for sharing the process and the know-how; for collectivizing our core questions in order to shape OnMaterials on concrete needs, tastes and therefore create an innovative platform.

COLLECT# is a fundamental step for our project development, dedicated to the creation of a local network and its active engagement within the process.


REUSE# How to build a showroom?

A three day participatory workshop lead by Kassandras aiming at building up a showroom out of the collected waste material.

Kassandras is simultaneously a laboratory and a construction work-space.  With that in mind, REUSE# will take a closer look at site-specific interventions. A situation is seen as a founding element of design and architectural practices, a sole to build upon. Starting from a chosen location within the Kassandras compound, participants are going to work on the waste materials collected. These materials will define the form and strategic approach of the workshop.

Workshop’s aim is to create new spatial elements on the studio grounds, which will host the closing events and performances on Sunday 21st and will then be distributed to the public through a ludic auction.


CREATE# Re-Creation & Re-surrection. What comes tomorrow?

CREATE# Re-Creation & Re-surrection. What comes tomorrow? will guide the participant through a day long event, starting with the public presentation of OnMaterials: an important occasion to share the first results of our collective survey and workshops.

During the afternoon, every person participating would be free to choose one or more of the elements in the showroom space, built during the workshop, and take it to its own organization: this is our ludic auction, imagined to distribute what has been created so far and to encourage the sharing attitude!

In order to emphasize the immaterial aspects of our platform, sound performances will follow by the artists: Magda Lampropoulou, Dimitra Koustouridou and George Moraitis.  Artists have been invited to explore the sound potentiality of the materials we collect. We forecast an immersive space, within which the artists will perform, play and enact the materials through sound.

From sounds to sound – a DJ set by Andreas Palmer will lead all towards the night.