Skyscape, Objects in Common – Solo exhibition by Flavia Stagi

Skyscape, Objects in Common  Solo exhibition by Flavia Stagi

Opening day: Thursday 20/10, 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Echo Hub Athens, I. Drosopoulou 29, Kypseli, Athens
Duration of the Exhibition: 21/10 – 23/10
Opening times: Daily, 15:00 -19:00



We are happy to collaborate with Snehta Residency and artist Flavia Stagi for this year’s Walking Backwards and provide them the materials needed for the exhibition set.

This year’s Walking Backwards selected artist, Flavia Stagi presents her research in her solo exhibition “Skyscape, Objects in Common”. In the second year of Walking Backwards, theoretically inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, the focus is further placed upon the concepts of displacement and travel. Using Dante’s case as a political exile as a point of reference, we invited artists to reflect on their own “journey”, a physical and/or imaginary displacement through their artistic research, reflecting on the current socio-political and environmental context .

Flavia Stagi sees her artistic practice as a nomadic process, a method of movement, adaptation and interaction with the surroundings, which upon completion, is captured and reflected in her works. She connects with anyone, anything and in any place. This need for connection becomes one of her primary tools for bringing people together. Using malleable techniques such as textile frottage, collecting ready-mades and interviews, Stagi respectfully connects with her environment and suggests new ways of engagement.

In terms of research and space, Walking Backwards is supported by Echo 100 Plus, Human Rights 360, Ankaa Project and Saffron Kitchen Project, organisations which hold a strong social sign. Everyone, each organisation following their own approach, consciously and creatively contributes to -and not only- the local community of Kypseli.

This year’s Walking Backwards program is under the auspices of the City of Athens.

Original Concept: Tommaso Mauriello
Program Development: Simone Niarou
Program Production: Simone Niarou and Katerina Kazou
Graphics: Katerina Kazou