Wasted Or Wanted #2

March 26-29, 2019

An artistic exploration exercise on re-using the materials that students “trash” at the Fine Arts School of Athens. A workshop in collaboration with Dutch artist Ties Ten Bosch.
Students explore and experiment with transforming waste materials from the Fine Arts School using artistic ideas to discover a variety of shapes, colors, scales and the properties of materials. During the workshop they will investigate artists whose practice makes use of waste materials, develop their understanding about how visual arts can support sustainability and create a collaborative or personal installation in a selected site within the Fine Art School. The process will be part of an imaginative play where they do not need to make recognizable objects from the waste, simply change and transform the appearance and structure.

Main Goals of the workshop, students will be asked to:
-identify waste, how it is generated and dealt with at Fine Arts School
-locate, gather and select waste materials to transform through art making processes
-explore and map the school site and its community use in order to make a site-specific intervention.
The workshop aims at stimulating creative actions and exploring the possibilities of an alternative administration of material waste using their imagination and collaboration.

More details on the program soon.